Where Should Your Car Go When It Is Damaged In an Accident?

Your vehicle goes to the shop when it is damaged in an accident, but you must understand your auto insurance company’s policy for claims. The finest auto insurance companies in Texas offer service centers that help you repair your vehicle, and cheaper companies ask you to choose your own mechanic. This article explores the difference between an auto insurance provider that uses service centers and the auto insurance providers who require you to choose your own mechanic.

#1: What Is A Service Center?

An auto insurance service center is the place where the tow truck takes you vehicle after an accident. The auto insurance policy you carry likely has tow services, and the tow service will take you to the service center automatically. The service center is staffed with professional adjusters, clerical staff and a rental car counter. You will drive away from the service center in a rental car, and your vehicle will be repaired on-site.

#2: How Do You Find Your Own Mechanic?

There are several mechanics in your area, but you may not be familiar with mechanics in the area who repair body damage. Your vehicle must go to a shop that is capable of repairing your vehicle, and you may not get a list of mechanics from the auto insurance company. Make friends with a mechanic in your area, and ensure that you know who to call when your vehicle is damaged.

Families that are not familiar with mechanics in the area must ensure that they have a service center to go to. The service center streamlines the process for your family, and the service center gives you a nice place to take your children after an accident. You will bring your children into the service center after an accident, and the kids will be able to play while you handle the claim for your vehicle.

The staff inside the service center will help you get your car seats into the rental car, and you will be able to get your kids home safely. A local mechanic may not be able to offer the same services that you get in the service center, but a mechanic may charge less for their services. You must balance the money you pay for your auto insurance premium with the money you must pay for repairs.

#3: Will Local Mechanics Charge Less?

Local mechanics will charge less money for certain insurance repairs, but you cannot guarantee that a mechanic will charge you less for the repairs that you need. A local mechanic you know will help you with a discount, but specialty mechanics will charge you more for repairs that they feel are difficult to complete. Your search for proper repairs through your auto insurance company must begin and end with the repair location. Service centers offered the largest providers are good for your family, and a cheaper policy will require you to find your own mechanic. Your car can be repaired in any location you choose, and your auto insurance company may provide the repair service you need.
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